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About Us is a portal designed to connect buyers of automatic doors with independent suppliers. Since the start of the recession, we have seen a trend in organisations recognising that smaller or independent door contractors can often supply a superior, cost effective option compared with the larger companies in the industry. Our site gives you, the buyer, an opportunity to receive multiple quotations from different door contractors who are experts in the type of system you are looking for. This allows you to submit a single enquiry, upload any plans and drawings, and with a simple click, your enquiry is sent to multiple local organisations to prepare your estimate, or arrange contact for further details. From this stage, the door contractor will deal with you direct. The site also gives you the option to specify the area of your premises or where your projects are based, so that your quotations are presented by local companies keeping your neighbouring economy busy. is purely here to introduce you to companies capable of supplying you an automatic door system. We cannot however guarantee quality of workmanship, costs, accreditations or references. Any of these issues should be approached with your door contractor. We do not take any commission or profits from installations. This website is a free service offered to door contractors to help connect them with like minded buyers. All estimates and specifications should be confirmed between you the customer and the independent door contractor. can not be held responsible for contract conflicts or loss of details resulting from the use of this website.

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